Sunday, May 07, 2006

A New Home for the Process Algebra Diary

From today, my modest Process Algebra Diary has a new home. Even a luddite like me has to bow to the usefulness of the latest technology at times :-)

I was prompted to try and use this blogging software by Luca Trevisan's blog In Theory. (Grazie Luca!) The main reason for using a proper blogging software in lieu of plain html files for the Process Algebra blog is that my two readers will now be able to post comments on my postings. Moreover, in my role as initial chairman of the IFIP WG1.8 on Concurrency Theory, I plan to use this blog as an open forum for discussions related to concurrency theory and its future.

I can see that my last posting on the Process Algebra Diary was written about three months ago. A lot has happened since then, and I'll try to review these last three months in a series of postings over the next few days --- assuming I manage, for once, to keep a promise, that is.

For the moment, I am glad to announce that Jan Friso Groote will be visiting Anna and me (and the little virtual research centre in TCS we contributed to set up) in Reykjavík over the next three weeks. I trust that his visit will do a lot for our efforts to put concurrency theory on the map here in Iceland.

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